FX Channels not working on CMC-FD ?

I just bought 3 CMC-FD’s to use with C8.05, installed 1.11 firmware and latest tools, and am pretty disappointed to discover that the FD’s don’t follow the Show/Hide Channels in the Mixer … they’re just giving me the first 12 channels out of all the channels in the project.

Am I doing something wrong ?

This is a general problem in the MCE which should be corrected in the next update (said to be coming soon).
As a possible workaround, disabling a track will prevent it being represented on the controller - this may or may not be acceptable in your case.
I seem to remember that if you create a Folder, and place the tracks to be hidden in that folder, and turn the visibility for the folder off (possibly as well as the tracks themselves) that this will work too. I can’t verify this ATM however.

Thanks - you mean the next Cubase update ?

Also, FX channels don’t appear on the FD’s, even if the FX channels are the first channels listed - is that also a known issue ?

Scheduled for March Cubase Pro 8.0.10 maintenance release planned for March - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
Can’t verify your issue with FX faders, seems to me they worked. I’ll have to double-check.

Thanks - FX channels not working for me. So I’ll change the title of this thread to attract other people.

Just to be certain, you don’t have them filtered out with the Channel filter to the left of the configurations button do you?
You do see the FX Channels in the Mixconsole?

Yes I see the channels … but with a brand new template I can control the FX channels. SO there’s something wrong with my template, and all projects going way, way back in time :frowning:

Yes FX Channels definitely do work here.
The suggestion regarding Folder tracks doesn’t work BTW!

Sorry that you have problems but I can concur. It works! +1
I only use one CMC-FD Fader controller. I do have other hardware controls and those work with Cubase PRO 8 too.

Best Regards