FX channels using CPU when no audio?

Hi all,

I’ve set up a large template in Cubase (~600 tracks), primarily with MIDI channels routing to VE Pro. I do have a number of FX channels with various reverbs. I’ve noticed that the CPU meter is quite high even with nothing playing due to those FX channels. If I deactivate the reverbs, it drops down. Even if I don’t have any audio routed to those channels, the CPU meter is eaten up. I have turned on the option to stop processing VST3 plugins when no audio is present and I’ve turned off AsioGuard. The same setup in Logic uses no CPU.

Any ideas? The fans kick on early in Cubase in general for me. Contemplating going back to Logic even though I prefer some Cubase features.


AFAIK turned off VST3 processing with no audio present just works for plugins on channels. FX- & group channels are just ‘on air’ all the time.

To me as a Cubase only user this seems like a logical behaviour. If other DAWs can handle the situation differently and Cubase doesn’t, it seems to be correlated to the structure of the audio engine.

The question is: is it a real life showstopper for you? In case you wouldn’t want to actually use those FX eating CPU you wouldn’t bring them to the game I guess. So at one point or another you’ll be sending signal to them which would use CPU then anyway. ?!?

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