Fx/group tracks on delay and reverb & some more questions

Hi everyone, I have just started working in Pro Tools and there are a few terms that I think are different in Cubase so I’d like to have them explained if possible. Look forward to hear form you!

  • What’s the difference between FX and Group track and what would the equivalent terms for them be in Pro Tools? (…Aux input for FX track…?)

  • How can I hear ONLY the delay or reverb on full wet signal? Right now I can only play the delay/reverb FX track together with the dry signal. I thought that a Send track (FX track) works as a clone to the dry track.

  • Do we have a soundreplacer in Cubase like in Pro Tools?

  • Is there a way to quantize audio files and how?

That’s all!

hi there an fx track is where you set up your fx to act as a send channel.
to hear the full effected signal press the pre fader switch (which will turn orange when on )which is next to the "e " at the top of the sends channel.
a group channel is where you rout tracks to, example all the individual drum tracks you can rout their outputs to a single group channel.
to quantize audio first make sure snap is activated and select the audio part and press Q on the keyboard it will quantize to the nearest whatever you have the quantize grid set too, for example 1/16 1/8 tempo. you have to be careful with this because it will quantize from the beggining of a piece of audio event even if there is silence there. if i am gonna quantize audio i cut the audio right up to the beggining of the sound which will match to the corresponding part of the rhythm.
in the sample editor you can turn your audio into hitpoints and quantize those also.it pays to check those aswell cause some can go a bit astray, but only because of how it has being cut and the quntize value might pull at the wrong (blank) side of the audio
don`t know what a soundreplacer is .