FX Modulator Only 1 Effect can have MIDI Trigger

Cubase 12 PC/Win 11
Plugin: FX Modulator

I can enable the MIDI trigger for only one Effect Module, when I activate it on another one, the first one gets disabled. I can’t find anything in the documentation about it indicating this could be intended, also multiple sidechains are possible so I would consider this more of a bug or oversight?

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Another issue right away:

Playing legato doesn’t work in hold mode because FX Modulator stops on MIDI note off regardless if a new note was already played.
So when notes overlap the new one triggers and fxm stops right when the old note is released.

I just noticed this today. Very frustrating, I thought I was going crazy. Why would we be able to only control one effect with the MIDI triggering? This makes no sense.

Same here. It makes no sense at all.

WTF??? I have been racking my brains over this. WHY is there only 1 midi trigger??? This renders this plugin barely useful. I am PISSED.