FX Modulator Side Chain Timing Drift

The new FX Modulator’s side chaining seems to drift and lock in the drifted position after a short while. Tested using both midi and audio.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an instrument track with a sound, and 4x4 midi notes (one note per beat)
  2. Insert FX Modulator as an Audio Insert into this channel and select the Volume effect
  3. Create a side chain curve of some sort (dip the first half of the beat) at 1/4 tempo
  4. Enable Midi Side Chain from the section on the bottom (Hold or 1 Cycle produces the same results)
  5. Create a midi track, and copy the midi notes to the midi track such that the trigger is on beat.
  6. Send the midi to the FX Modulator
  7. Playback the audio. If it doesn’t drift immediately, let it loop a few times.

After a few beats, the timing on the FX Modulator will be completely off. I took a picture of the rendering and bounced some audio clips as a demonstration, attached.

Notice in the image the blue arrows. The first two show where the FX Modulator (red) has shifted after a few beats that were working as expected. The second two show a similar plugin (Duck, in green) working as expected with similar settings.

Duck (expected sound):

FX Modulator: