Fx Modulator - time signature

Hi guys,
is it possible to set the grid of the Fx Modulator to other than 4/4 time signatures? Specifically I would need a 6/4 grid, like the project, but I don’t think there is a way to change anything.
I searched the manual but didn’t find an answer, am I missing something?

Have you tried inserting a time signature track? I don’t know for sure but I assume FX modulator would follow the time signature of the project in its current location.
Here’s a snippet from the FX Modulator help file:

Sets the time base for the modulation curve individually for each modulated effect parameter. The default value of 1/1 means that 1 cycle of modulation has a length of 1 bar. The tempo of the song is automatically taken into account.
If Beats is activated, Time is displayed in beats instead of milliseconds.

Unfortunately there is no mention of the time signature. Even adding the signature track, FX Modulator remains at 4/4.

You can use it as 3/4 6/8 or 12/16 by sending a MIDI note to retrigger the sequencer, the last quarter note will be wasted though.

To achieve 6/4, I think you have to set all the tracks to linear time base, then run your project at slower speed (1/2, 2/3, etc), not very practical but still doable.

At the end, I used the MIDI trigger as a workaround. Still I don’t understand this “4/4 policy” at all cost. The music is far from being only 4/4.