FX Modulator volume ducking causing artefacts

Just playing with FX Modulator for ‘traditional’ side-chaining kick/bass but when the bass is ducked, a weird ‘squeak’ noise is introduced. I’ve adjusted the curves & even the bass patch, still there.

I also found a video on YouTube that demonstrates this (scroll to 3:50):

I’ve demo’d Cableguys’ new Kickstart 2 & with an identical curve there are no artefacts at all, just simple bass ducking.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Hi lyjat76,

can you provide me with a small project containing a few bars to make this reproducible.


Hi thanks for the message.

I don’t have one to hand but the video I posted above illustrates it perfectly.

Basically record a few bars of a simple bassline (e.g. a trance-style rolling bass every 16th note) then use FX Mod to duck it on every 1/4 note.