FX not working

I’m having an issue with any FX working with my projects (new and existing). Not sure if this cropped up after updating to 5.1.21 or when exactly. If I open the same existing projects, or start a new project in Dorico 4, everything works fine. Unfortunately I can’t rever to an older version of 5 to test. I tried redownloading/installing everything for Dorico 5 and it didn’t fix anything.

Thanks for any help.

Can you say a bit more about what’s happening? Are the plug-ins not showing in the Mixer, as if they’re not loaded at all? Are you able to open their windows? Are they bypassed in the Mixer?

I’ve tried loading it from both the Track Inspector tab->Insert Effects dropdown in the Play workflow, as well as directly in the Halion Sonic Control panel->Effects tab and applying a REVerence reverb (they show up in these tabs). These don’t seem to have any effect on the playback. In mixer on the bottom, Reverb shows up but no audio seems to come through it. On further trial, I’ve been able to apply it (either way) to a new project. Perhaps something is broken/corrupt in all of my existing files from a version prior to an update?

N.B. Interestingly I tried copying the existing project music into a new project, loaded the plugins, and am not having any FX on the playback either. Here the Reverb tab is also showing up in the mixer, and it appears the audio is coming through, but I don’t hear any reverb.

For the Reverb channel, you need to specify an amount of signal via the Sends section of each individual output channel that produces sound.

Ah, I see, thank you. I did not realize when adding them under the Inserts Effects it applied only to the channel under the Routing dropdown (as I have the only instrument I want it on on Channel 2), and not as a Main overall effect. I now have it working. However, I’m still confused why when I add them as a Main effect or on the specific Channel output directly in the Halion Settings panel it still doesn’t work from there. Regardless, I have it working and know to use it this way now, so thank you.