Fx on Halion Sonic SE Drum Kits

When using Halion Sonic Stereo GM Drum Kit is is possible to add fx to snare drum using the fx section within Halion Sonic SE

Is this a question?
If so, yes, it is possible.

Typo error sorry,. Yes this is a question,
how can this be done thankyou

Effects tab.

If you want the effect ONLY on the snare drum but on no other of the drum sounds then load the same kit into another slot. One of the kits gets the effect (as described by @st10ss above), the other doesn’t. You’ll have to use the kits on different MIDI channels and address them appropriately in Cubase, though.
Feel free to mention if the above doesn’t make any sense to you. I don’t know how deep your knowlwdge of MIDI is.

What Johnny suggested… in the internal mixer

Yeah I initially was wondering if the reverb fx was adjustable for each drum group from within Halion Sonic SE like,kick,snares,toms etc,in order to save me dissolving midi drum track in cubase and then setting up separate fx send

Thanks for the diagram.
Where is Output 2 going to ?
I don’t understand where all the different outputs are routed to

You don’t need to use Output 2, just put it to the Main as well.

That makes it easier,thank you