FX or Group track delay

OK new one on me. I have setup a vsti to play strings. I want to send this to 2 buses, one panned hard left the other hard right, and introduce a small delay in one of them.

So I setup my VSTi, setup 2 fx channels and send the VSTi to both of the FX channels, I then route the main VSTi channel to No Bus. Problem is now, the FX Tracks do not have the option to add any delay in the inspector area. So, question is, how can I add a slight delay to the hard right or hard left channel ?

As far as I can see, this option of adding track delay is only availible in Audio tracks. Not for VSTi instruments.

Is there a work around , or maybe an insert plugin that will add some delay ?

Someone once told me, delay FX are able to create a delay - don´t know if that´s true though…

Do you understand why? Despite the nomenclature…FX and Group Tracks are actually mixers channels/busses…not “tracks” in any traditional sense. You are delaying a TRACK, because it’s something that exists to be delayed. Mixer channels are just channels through which real time audio flows…thus nothing to start later or earlier. VST Instrument “tracks” are also misleading in their function. They are midi TRACK/Recording…that flow into VI sources, which output audio–all wrapped up in one “entity”. These are not all the same functionally.

That said…a delay plug in will do what you want, which is to “faux stereo” the mono VI output?


Maybe you would like this> http://www.voxengo.com/product/sounddelay/

I understand it better now anyway popman, but Split has nailed it with that, I think that’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks m8.

And “hidden” under the surround plugin-category, there’s actually a stock Cubase plugin called Mixer delay that does the same thing.
I prefer the one from Voxengo though since I mostly specify the delay in samples, Steinbergs delay only has milliseconds.

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Thank you so much! I was searching for the manual delay execution on cubase and your answer was what I was looking for! :slight_smile: works great on Cubase 11 Pro :slight_smile:

You could just leave it in one track and do this