FX send return loop UR28M and iOS Cubasis

Trying to set up an FX loop using the UR28m in iOS - Cubasis, audiobus etc…

So I want to send audio out to a HARDWARE fx unit via outputs 5/6, back in on inputs 3/4, and (for example) then route tracks in Cubasis to outputs 5/6, and record the processed signal into a new track using 3/4.

Anyone been able to do this without phasing/feedback? I know it’s something to do with the unorthodox mapping of the mix 1-3 options and outputs A-C but i feel like I’ve tried everything. No matter what I do, the return signal is doubling on itself…

This works fine on Cubase so I don’t see why it isn’t working here.

Sorry to bother you, I own a UR28M and Cubasis2, and wanted to ask you if you knew some special way to make my UR28M be seen by my Ipad. I have bought the original cam era kit to connect it through a USB cable…

But the Ipad keeps saying “cannot connect to UR28M …its not compatible device” or something. I have installed the latest firmware in the UR28M etc, but it just seems imposible…Thanks for any help if you have any advice it would be great

Thanks again

Sorry just saw your question today. You may already have done this but you have to hold down the monitor C button above the volume dial while powering on the UR28M to put it into class compliant mode for iOS usage

perfect! I did that, I found it somewhere else, but you are very kind to have answered.
Thanks anyway and sorry I didn’t answer before