FX send routing is not recalled in mixer presets

I encountered this problem while updating previous mixes of the same project:
FX send routing is not recalled correct in some mixer presets created in the mixer (right mouse-save slected channels).

-Create a new fx channel in a project with multiple fx (lets say there are already 12 fx channels) in an existing project, lets say you have already saved 10 versions of the project, so this is nr10.
-Save the new fx channel as a mixer-preset (right mouse-save selected channel)
-Route some channel fx sends to the new fx instead of a previous used fx.
-Now save a number of channels in the mixer with fx sends also routed to the new fx instead of an earier used fx.(right mouse-save slected channels)
-Open a previous version of the project (nr9), with the same fx and channels/tracks in it as nr10.
-Create the new extra fx-channel as in the last project (new Fx track, and then paste the settings by using the FX channel preset created in the mixer of nr10 (load selected channels).
-Now select the same channels/tracks in 9 and paste the saved channel-settings of nr10 into those channels (load selected channels).

-The value of the send is correct, the routing (to the new fx) is not. It is still routed to the previous used fx, the one the channels were routed to before creating the new fx.

One thing I did not try: save the file after inserting the new FX, re-open and then paste the setingsā€¦

My setup;
Cubase 6.02
Q6600/ASUS P5K/4gbCorsairCM2x1024-6400C5DHX
XP sp3 latest updates
RME digiface