FX Sends: What Happened to Double-click??

After updating to 7.0.2, has anyone noticed that double-clicking the FX send in a track no longer opens the assigned effect anymore? It just opens a numerical input for the send gain. Anyone else experiencing this?

now its alt+click on sends

Thanks man! But WHY!??!! God. :imp: :cry: :question:

Actually, I’m pretty sure I tried that…is it supposed to be Option for Mac? Did they even mention this in the update pdf?? How in the world am I supposed to know this? Unacceptable.

well i really dont know why…
i liked it the most when we had the little e button on sends. no double click no alt. fast and simple. the same for pre/post fader. opening inserts etc… simple and fast. why all this changes for more clicks and less workflow i cant understand. :unamused:

I agree. It should be a single-click now. Matches the new mixer paradigm better.

FX Send editing can be reached via the right click menu as well. Nevertheless it’s a a PITA when they change workflow options without any warning.

In C6 and earlier versions, a double click would enable you to type in a numerical value for the FX send so they have reinstated this old behaviour which I for one am very happy about as I use this feature all the time. Just goes to show that whatever they do, some people will be happy and some will be annoyed! :slight_smile:

unless there´s a “great plan” behind all those changes to the bad and in 7.5 we´ll all get enlightened and all of a sudden see the the reason, then Steinberg please continue to surprise us with every new update a bit more…in the meantime I stay with 6.5 :wink:

Slightly annoying I grant you to change it at this stage, but I wonder if the thinking is that it is now the same as clicking Alt + the “E” button on a plugin output channel brings up the plugin itself (a godsend after they removed the dedicated button in 6.5)

I agree, this actually makes more sense to me, double clicking on everything else allows you to enter a numeric value so why not on sends? Makes perfect sense to me. If all I have to do is right click and chose “edit (plugin name)” that’s fine with me.

For people complaining that it hinders workflow, it only hinders work flow because you aren’t used to it yet. Give a week or two and you’ll be flying around it with no problem. It will be second nature.

I’ve gone through all of these different changes since VST and I always get used to rather quickly. Relax and take your time while working, you’ll get used to it. As long as changes make logical sense I’m all for them.


Well, this change doesn’t seem really logical to me because double click does open the effect’s editor in the insert slot of the mixer and in the channel’s editor insert as well. I can understand that the situation is a bit different, because in the send effect slot the bar with the effect’s name represents the send level as well.