FX teleport like integration

Hi all

I think we all know the situation: we are running out of resources but have in our house a bulkload of processing power in the form of laptops, old DAW’s etc… In the past you had something called fx-teleport, yet that teleports the audio (++++) but not the interface (----). Reaper provides ReaMote to offload vsti’s. I know, I have asked this since CB5 but it believe it is really important because spending €50 for a slave license is a hell of a lot less than a new DAW.

Waves has something called DigiGrid, but that is the cost of an arm and a leg… Come on Steiny :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does VST System Link (VSL) not meet your requirements? See page 966 in the Operation Manual.

Nearly. VST System Link requires a soundcard with digital I/O to be present on each machine. FX Teleport doesn’t/didn’t.

But… if it’s of any use, FX Teleport has an active web site which states that although they went out of business they permit end users free (but unsupported) use of FX Teleport on an unlimited number of machines: http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/purchase.html

p.s. system requirements here: http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/download.html

Support ran out at XP. No idea if it worked with Win 7 (i was on XP when last I used it…)