FX track issue


Open Cubase 7.0.1 64bit
Add FX track
Click the “no effect” menu
Don’t choose anything
Close window with Cancel button

Cubase freeze

Intel core I7 - Asus p8Z77-8 V pro thunderbolt - Motu 896HD - UAD 6.4 - Home premium sp1 - 32gb ram - Superior drummer 2 + Metal Foundry - Kontakt 4 - Omnisphere - Trillian - Overloud Th2 - Play Orchestra Platinum plus - Play RA - Play Symphonic choir - CC121 - SSD vertex 2 (O.S.) + SSD vertex 3 + 3 HD 250gb 7200rpm


Not seeing that here at all.
Everything just fine for me…

Try disabling those 3rd party VSTs to see if it’s one of them. If you do find it is connected to one then uninstall and reinstall just to rule out a temporary disk or data corruption before going to the software support desk. Might save you time.

Good point -a dodgy plugin could also be the cause.

BTW - great avatar!!

In fx there are only 3rd UAD plug.

I try. Same situation. I disable Uad and Overloud TH2…Cubase stops to work. I can only right click on a Cubase icon in Quick start and load a project, so cubase works. But If I right click on cubase icon and try to close windows Cubase doesn’t quit or close…