FX tracks and groups

Not sure if it is an issue but got it since Cubase 9. The same thing is in 9.5.
I add FX track directly from the audio track send panel. I have FX track routed to the main bus. Then, I create a group track for audio track with FX on it and I’m not able to route FX channel to the same group (it’s not in the list of groups). I.e. it is not possible to to route FX track to the group track that was added after the FX track.
Fx track shows “no bus”.
I’m pretty sure that this wasn’t a problem in Cubase 8.


Probably the group channel has that fx channel assigned in its sends (that may happen automatically when the equivalent option is ticked in program settings). Then Cubase won’t allow for routing that fx channel to that group to prevent evil feedback loops.

Remove the send from the group, then it should be possible.

This issue has been discussed since years. It’s there to protect the user from weird stuff like sending fx to itself. It prevents using such routings as an art form sadly.

Thank you!
In preferences “connect sends automatically” was checked. And of course I missed it!
Thanks again and again!

You’re welcome :wink: