.fxp files?

I own Halion 3, which is 32 bit and no longer functions on my system. Is there anything that will play .fxp files without having to upgrade to a later version of Halion? Will Cubase 10.5 open .fxp files? Thanks.

If I remember correctly. fxp files are simply preset files for any VST plugin of the time when H3 was still available, so it wasn’t specifically a sampler format.

You might have to look for some kind of shell or bridge program that will allow you to run Halion 3. Other than that, if you know someone who has H6, the programs can be imported to H6, and then exported for Halion Sonic SE.

Thank you for your response. I don’t know any Halion 3 users, and because my only interest is playing very old Halion 3 programs in the form of .fxp files, I’m not willing to spend the money to update to Halion 6. Does anyone know any other method of converting to something else?


I’m really confused because I have Halion 3 on Cubase Pro 10 and it works fine. I have a huge .fxp file library.
It has been 64 bit for over 11 years so have no idea why you’re using the 32 bit version? :astonished:

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James Colah

HALion Sonic 3 and HALion Sonic SE 3 are current versions. The corresponding full version of HALion, confusingly, is HALion 6. HALion 3 is really old, long discontinued and 32 bit only - it’s that that NYC Composer was asking about.

Hi David W,

Sorry to correct you but I’ve been using Halion 3 for over 11 years and it is 64bit, so saying it’s only 32 bit is not correct!. I have it in Cubase Pro 10 for when I want to import my older version projects into version 10. I have Halion 6 also and both can work together without problems!

Wow, @jamescolah-that would be amazing. Do you know of any link where I would be able to download a 64 bit version of Halion 3??


Hi Larry,

OMG - I’m in shock right now.

I’ve just noticed you’re on a mac and went to the 64 bit download page to copy and paste the link for you and am shocked to discover it’s not available for mac.
This is obviously absolutely crazy and am so sorry!
Sadly this is another example which convinces me to never purchase an Apple product!

Have a nice day!

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James Colah

James…thanks for trying. Now I’m sad :sniffle:::


I’ve only used this with Windows (works quite well), but there does seem to be a Mac variant.