FXP Not Loading To Proper Outputs


Against all better judgment, I’m evaluating H4.51. I gotta admit, the UI is -great-. I sure hope it becomes the standard for all their products.

HOWEVER, the main reason to upgrade would be to be able to -cleanly- load my 4 squillion Halion3 FXP and FXB files. So far:

  1. Can’t load FXBs in one go. Is this possible? I expected to be able to simply click on 'em and et viola, I’d be in business and could save as a VSTPreset.

  2. When I load an FXP, it seems to map all samples to the Master Output rather than respecting the FXP. Am I doing something wrong?

Loading of ‘legacy’ presets has to 110% solid or this is a non-starter for me.

Any thoughts?


As far as the outputs being assigned to the master, I have found this behaviour too. Not sure if you can specify exact outputs?

As for quickly converting your old halion 3 presets into VST presets, just drag and drop your FXP’s straight into the Halion 4 Mediabay. This will automatically convert and list them as VST Presets under the Halion 3 Content Folder. You can then tag and label to your liking.

Just spent some time ‘dragging and dropping’ some paid Halion 3 libraries into 4.51… (The Scarbee libs, SampleTekk)

NONE map the outputs properly.

NONE map the release type properly.

-----------------------------------------------------------DEAL BREAKER--------------------------------------------------------------------

I can understand not being able to handle foreign formats properly. I can grit my teeth and accept VSTPresets.

But… paying for an upgrade…after all this time… that will not properly open H3 files-----a format they own and know inside/out?


So I guess Halion s.b. considered in the same class as Alchemy—a synth that uses samples. 'Cause if you can’t open your libs? It sure ain’t a sampler.

What a waste.