hi,everytime Cubase scans plugins on startup(when clocks change) it always stops at fxpansion plugs.
I have to close Cubase then in the task manager,restart Cubase,then it stops scanning again once it reaches the next fxpansion plugin I have.
I have to continue this until I have went through all fxpansion plugs that I have.
any clues?

I’ve been having the same issue for a long time now and would also like an answer to this.


What bit version of Windows? (64 bit?)

What version of Cubase and 32 or 64bit?

Is it the latest version of the FXpansion plugins? VST 32 or 64 bit?

I’ve not had an issue with them. For certain with Cubase 7.04 x64 to current (see sig. for details) under Windows 7 x64.

Also, I’ve just installed everything from scratch for a new Windows 8.1 x64 build and while I have plenty of plugins that are crashing (in a repeatable manner), FXpansion’s are working fine and no rescan issues.

No problems here…they all load without crash!

Have the same problem with BFD3, still it works however I think the 32 bit plug is loading and 64 bit not, shame!

Also no response from FXPansion support when filling in an error report at fxpansion support site!

Ok, some new info: there is a beta update for BFD3, will try this too see if the problems are soved, crossed fingers!

Bullocks, …web site down ?