FXPansion's D:CAM synthSquad patch problems

Quick Background:
I got a new C drive, re-installed Cubase + all my plugins.
Before reinstalling everything, I backed up all my VSTi patches. I then put them in the folder Media Bay expects and it sees them fine.

The Problem:
If I try loading ANY of my own custom patches, nothing happens. D:CAM stays on the init patch.
However, If I create NEW patches in D:CAM , I CAN load them up just fine.

Any ideas about this?
This ONLY Seems to be a problem with D:CAM patches. Other VSTi’s work fine and load my presets correctly.
I have tried to get help from FXPansion but they tell me its a Cubase problem.
I have years worth of patches I made and really don’t want to start over