FYI: CMD script to delete .mrk and/or .gpk files in Windows

If anyone finds those .gpk or .mrk files annoying you can create a CMD script to quickly and easily delete them.

Open notepad.

del “E:\FOLDER NAME*gpk” /s/f/q
del “E:\FOLDER*mrk” /s/f/q

Change E: to the drive where your folder exists.
Delete either line of code if you don’t want that extension deleted.

File Save As whateverfilenameyouwant.cmd
(must have the .cmd extension added)

Close Wavelab.
Right-click the CMD file and run as administrator.

You can also tell WaveLab to put the gpu files in a hidden folder that you never see, and embed the markers right inside the WAV file rather than as a separate file.

With the settings I use, I never have to see or think about .mrk or .gpk files or go and clean them up etc.

They are dead to me.

I like this!