FYI Matrox APVe DOES work with Win 7 64bit

FYI: We own a couple of Matrox APVe cards for our Nuendo Rigs. We use them for several years without any problem with triple 19" display, which gives a nice 3840x1024 resolution.

Since we wanted to upgrade to Win 7 64bit we found out there are no Win7 64bit driver for this card. However I found ‘XDDM64_209_00_158_se_u’ to work fine! :slight_smile:

Herewith a link to the file:

I tried various drivers, but it never worked for me.
Does this one support video out for monitor?

Not sure since we use BM Decklink for that.

What I forgot to mention in my previous post is: Don’t forget to turn hardware acceleration one tick under maximum on your APVe.