I hope (in fact I’m sure) that there will be a way in Dorico to position a G.P. in the middle of the bar to which it refers.
In Sibelius this is hit or miss, and reformatting tends to move the text about even if it’s initially positioned correctly.

We don’t have a general G.P. feature yet, but I expect it wouldn’t be too difficult to automatically add the G.P. label above the bar rest in due course.

I just thanked Daniel for his post via the thumbs up icon and was a little mystified to be told that I had just been thanked for the post.
I’ve noticed this before as well.

I’m curious how much of a hassle this could be to add as a feature.

In Sibelius, there is no reliable way to create a G.P. We have to find creative ways of inserting it, so that it creates the least amount of hassle later, when preparing parts. Most practical way is by making it a ‘system text’ (so that you only create it once, on top staff of your system, and it ends up in all parts), and then nudging it towards the middle, hoping that the bar width remains roughly the same in all parts, so that the text remains centered above the bar rest.

Ideally, Dorico would automatically notice that nobody is playing during a given bar and would automatically place G.P. above the system, with the option of hiding it if one doesn’t want it.

If the feature set is now locked down for v1.0, perhaps this could be added as one of those little things that come after the first revenue euros (or dollars) starts trickling in…

There is a more reliable way of doing GPs in Sibelius than that, but (rolls up coat collar and looks furtively to left and to right before continuing, talking past the back of hand) this isn’t the place to talk about it. But go to Robert Puff’s Of Note blog and type in GP to its search feature, have a read, and then destroy this message.

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Still none? It seems so simple and you cannot say that a G.P. is rare, or something… i hope it’s made soon!

Or does anyone has a workaround so that a GP gets on top of the bar in the score and in all parts?

Your best bet is to use system text (Alt-Shift-X).

There’s also a workaround by using the music symbols editor to replace an unused fermata with a G.P. marking. It gets centred above the bar be default which is nice, but it doesn’t work if the G.P. is longer than a single measure because fermatas break multi-measure rests.

When this gets implemented properly, it should not split multirests, as per Gould, pg. 190.
Gould GP.jpg

ChuckDimeCliff, I thought of this but this doesn’t work for me since this will also show GP for every staff in the full score.

This would be really great to have.

When this gets implemented properly, it should not split multirests, as per Gould, pg. 190.

I believe you have misunderstood Ms Gould.

When a G.P. is placed over a single bar, it should break a multirest. What Gould is referring to is a case where two or more bars are silent - then the G.P. should be centered under or over the multirest, which is separate from other mutirests that are not silent.