G2M no work

Got the Sonuus G2M app. A guitar to midi converter.
Can’t get it to work with Cubasis. It works wit Animoog. Musix pro works with Cubasis.
Suspect the problem is with G2M. Left a note on their support forum. Waiting for an update. I’ll report back here when I learn more.

I was intriqued so I downloaded the G2M app tonight and it worked okay controlling midi instruments in Cubasis. I Find that the G2M app is a little buggy. Sometimes I have force quit and restart or turn the audio button off and on once or twice but then it works fine. Actually had a lot of fun playing with the app.

Just a compatbility note. Got G2M to work with:
Music Studio

Couldn’t get it to work with Sunrizer even tho it showed G2M as the midi input.
Couldn’t get it to work with SampleTank, not surprised

FYI, anyone thinking of getting this app might want to do so before the end of January. Launch price is $1.99, then it goes up to $9.99. Still a decent price for what it does.

I’ll second the get it now advice. This thing is a blast! I’m sure the developer will refine it and I’ll resolve my Cubasis issues. Meanwhile bending notes in Addictive Synth and Animoog is fun. I use the Sonoma GJ2 interface.

@Akamarko - do you have Crystal XT? Did you get the G2M to work? What did you use in Cubasis? Network, Virtual, All?

I had midi port set to ‘All’ but it also worked with ‘virtual’ midi. I just recorded a quick video and I’m uploading it to YouTube now. I’ll post once it’s live. I’ll do a more thorough review on the G2M app once I,ve played with it a bit more. So far I’m happy with its performance. you really need to tweak it to your performance style. Mostly the velocity setting.

No I don’t have Crystal XT. Don’t give me anything more to buy or my wife will shoot me. Lol :smiley:

Crystal was my favorite free synth on Cubase desktop for years. I got the iPad version in a moment of nostalgia. It really is getting a bit dated and doesn’t get a recommend from me. It is an oddity in that the VST is free but the iOS version isn’t.

Here’s a quickie video.

In terms of its midi tracking this app performs well but it’s really hit and miss in terms of when it works and whether it will connect and I find that really frustrating :imp:

I can’t get it to work with Cubasis even although others clearly can. It works sporadically with other Apps and often needs rebooted to operate properly. …

…but when it does work it’s great!

i agree, they need to iron out some kinks. Best to posts these hit and miss experiences on their forum so they can be aware of end user frustration. I sooooooo want that app to work with SampleTank and Sunrizer.

It’s version 1.0 and I assume the developer’s at the NAMM show. Sonuus is an established company and will surely fix the bugs. For an initial price until the end of January of 2 bucks it’s not much of a risk. I paid close to a grand for my ancient Roland GR 09 twenty years ago. It now gathers dust.

Even at the final price of $9.99 starting Feb, it’s still the cheapest way to turn an electric guitar into a MIDI tracking guitar. i defy anyone to show me a cheaper route. :smiley:

Shredder are a much better guitar to midi app. Its much faster Than G2M.
Plus its a guitar synth to. Love it!

Ya, I just checked it out. looks pretty cool.

I can now get G2M to work with Cubasis following the update :slight_smile:

For my money, when it works, it’s faster and more accurate than Shredder but you pays your money and you takes your choice…

Forgot to update this.
G2M now works with Cubasis since the 1.1 update. Still can’t change the G2M midi channel or filter level. I really do need to filter my playing. :wink: