GA 4 No Midi Out

I have purchased and installed GA 4 v2.2.6 build 86
In watching a youtube video @ I see two things that are NOT available in my GA4 (I am using it with the latest uodate of Cubase Pro 9.5.20.
The following is not appearing:

  1. In the transport section of GA 4 (as a VST) in the video there is a yellow coloured text “Follow Transport”. This is not appearing on my instance
  2. In the video at the point around 5:50 Greg records from the automatically and randomly generated midi INTO Cubase. He points out that he had set the ‘input’ of the midi track too be the specific instance of GA4. However, as far as I can see that depends on enabling Midi Out in GA 4. But I can see nowhere to do that. I have even checked the manual but there is no indication of how t access this. Where can I enable midi out on my instance of GA4???

SO it was a missing Update! I did a full install a few days ago assuming it was the latest version, but no. I also had to install the update to to get the latest 4.2.40 update.
Looks like questions answered.