GA 4 SE (Cymbals) Panning

Is there a way to pan each cymbal within GA4 (Acoustic Agent SE) SE? They’re very closed to mid.

Panning individual Acoustic Agent cymbals is only possible in the full version of Groove Agent 4, or while using the Nashville, Simon Phillips Studio Drums or The Songwriter’s expansions. These give you full control over every mic they used to sample the drums.

Note that this limitation only applies to the Acoustic Agent SE. Beat Agent stuff can be panned freely.

Thanks for your reply.

Hi Romantic Tp,

It is possible in GA4SE to place the cymbals or any other instruments of the battery in a stereophonic panorama. This is done on the EDIT page in the MAIN or AMP tabulators. What should be understood is that the samples of the instruments of the drums are generally stereophonic. Some samples such as cymbals and Toms, for example, have a higher sound level on the left or right side, which can result in a variable intensity depending on the panorama chosen. One can consider that by default there is a pre-established stereophonic placement in a program or patches like 29 Min Jupiter for example. It is possible to modify this, but there are some limitations compared to a monophonic sample placed in the stereo field.

It is however possible to make monophonic a cymbal associated with a pad. There are 2 ways to proceed.

  1. Record a mono audio track of the drum instrument as a C2 Crash 1 cymbal and place the instrument where you want it in the panorama.
  2. Depending on the pad used, in the MAIN tab, it is possible to assign an audio output. You can use the outputs MASTER to Bus 16, and insert the MonoToStereo Plugin (Insert 1 i1) to make the mono output and place the desired panorama This is done via the MixConsole. If AGENT BUS 1 to 16 is selected, for example, BUS 16; It will be necessary to insert the Stereo Pan effect into Insert 1 of the Bus 16 of GA4SE and make the necessary settings to be mono and place the soundin the panorama.

I hope this can help.