GA 5.1.11 - Cannot stop auto-play

At first it’s working like always but every time I change the kit and pattern there’sa weird auto play. Why? Play-button is off and there’s nothing in settings to do about it. It all changed after version 5.1.11. I removed Groove Agent 5.1.11 and installed 5.0.50 and yet I got 5.1.11??

When I change patterns with kits I don’t like them to auto-play. I want to check the sounds myself with mouse clicking.

It’s getting dumber anyway. Sometimes 1-3 patterns sounds pure empty until removing the kit and clicking it back again. That’s a new thing with 5.1.11. What’s going on?

Autoplay isn’t the only problem. Changing kits means you get sometimes empty patches. One time I got totally empty kit. It’s fixed when you remove the whole kit and then open it again. Like sport without fun part.

Can’t even uninstall version 5.1.11. After removing it and installing 5.0.50 guess what. It’s still the dumbest version of anything ever back again.

So it’s impossible to change back 5.0.50? Please help.