GA 5 Filter Display Error

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded to GA 5 and the built-in MediaBay filter doesn’t show fully. Here’s a snapshot:

Here’s how it should look (taken from GA 5 SE):

I tried rebooting and reinstalling. No luck.


That looks more like the Cubase Media Bay (as opposed to the built in GA 5 browser) to me?

Maybe a rescan from inside GA will help?

What’s missing? User files?

The full Groove Agent 5 one SHOULD have MORE content, as some of the stuff that comes with it doesn’t work in SE (mostly the multi-kit presets…possibly some others, and of course things you might have made yourself using the full version of GA5).

As for the Cubase media browser, that does integrate with GA. The Cubase Media bay is really advanced with all sorts of filters and options for which system directories it keeps scanned for content, the layout and columns one wishes displayed, etc…yours is looking very different from mine in many respects besides user choices. We must be on different versions of Cubase (11 Pro, on Windows 10 here)?

Here I have:
Top Left - Groove Agent 5 (Undocked and expanded on screen 1)
Top Right - Groove Agent 5 SE (Undocked and expanded on screen 2)
Bottom - Cubase Media Bay with filters to show all Groove Agent and Groove Agent SE presets. I’ve set filters to show all presets for both versions of Groove Agent (multi kits too).


  1. There are different ways to filter and view the content. From what I can see, you seem to have all the factory content that you should.
  2. It’s normal for GA Full to have more content than GA SE.
  3. If you have ‘user made content’ that you did in SE that is missing in GA, try using the Browser tab that is built in to GA to track it down and teach GA bout the directory that is holding them.
  4. If you’re missing old Groove Agent 1 content…me too, unless I find a way to load the old plugin and export it as a user preset. I’ve been confused about that.

OK, I see where you got those filter settings now…(from clicking the host strip across the top of the plugin instance).

Those are Cubase media bay filters. The reason yours are looking somewhat different is probably due to window size. The column widths are different would be why the counts aren’t showing in the left side of your GA snap shot up there.
An advantage to using this browser is that you can audition things a bit before loading it.

Grab that center column with the mouse and stretch it a bit…

In short, from what I can see, there’s nothing wrong with your installation.

For the internal GA content browsers (same db engine I think, but with some GA specific settings), click these spots instead. I don’t think you can direct audition from the internal browser, but it offers some other GA specific goodies.

The right panel can also be ‘undocked’ into a separate resizable window if you click in its upper right corner.

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Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it.

I tried stretching the middle column and the triangle at the right bottom, but the right side of the filter still wouldn’t show fully. If you compare the two snapshots I uploaded, you’ll see that GA 5 doesn’t have scroll bar and some patterns on the right.


What happens when you click the filter reset icons in the Media Browser windows?
Any changes for the better from resizing the main window frame?

Anything useful?

The result is a resetting of the content, not the window size. Any other solution, my friend?

Sorry, I’ve yet to see it behave that way. If dragging the window and frame sizes around and fiddling with the filter settings doesn’t correct it I’m at a loss.

Maybe check you have the latest version of GA and the latest Cubase your key(s) cover.

Might try a support ticket through your My Stienberg account.

In this case it might be Cubase, might be GA. Hard to say.

Thank you very much. Will do.