GA 5 standalone won't boot - also missing kits in library


MacBook Pro. Catalina. Cubase 10. Groove Agent 5.

It’s a mess. The standalone won’t load and after downloading the 30gigs of content I don’t know where to put it. Can’t see an ‘add’ button in the library manager. This feels clunky. Can’t find anything in the manuals.

I have all of my Steinberg instruments on an external drive (The Piano 3, Halion Strings, Etc, Etc). Those all load but this dang Groove Agent is giving me grief.

Please, Obi, you’r my only hope.

Also, it looks like there’s a Groove Agent One as well as an SE. What in the blue @#$%.

Well, I found the library. I didn’t realize I had to double click on the first VST thingy for it to install. My bad.

Still can’t get GA 5 Standalone to load up.