GA pattern getting layered on top of each other on the track

  1. drag a pattern from GA into track. (for me the pattern won’ be displayed on the track)
  2. 2nd time I dragged the same pattern from GA to the track, this time it will be displayed (but the pattern wont be fit on the bar due to an error already mentioned in 1.1.20 version still have problem with drum loops in tracks - #5 by tmat thread), so I had to manually drag and make it fit.
  3. This time I came to recognize 2 patterns are layers on top of each other. You recognize it by the color change. The color change only happened when I resized one pattern to fit the bar, so the pattern below it is getting displayed. (I tried deleting the pattern one by one and confirmed there is 2 patterns layered on top of each other)

I’ve tried it, but I can not reproduce it. I’ve tried it that way

  1. Start VL, Change Tempo to 80 BPM, Select TRACKS tab
  2. Add MIDI Track and load Groove Agent to it
  3. Drag Pattern from Groove Agent to MIDI Track from [2]
    → The MIDI Clip will be visible

… yes, that one is fixed with the next update.

… yes, it’s difficult to see that clips are “stacked”. We will fix that. And there is also no possibility to change the order of the clips. We will fix that, too.

See you,