GA SE 5 plugin (in C12) crashing and freezing

I’m using:

  • Win10 Pro 64 22H2 fully updated
  • latest Cubase 12 Pro rel 12.0.52
  • latest Groove Agent SE 5 rel

As I’m starting to explore a little more deeply the functions of GA about editing Kits and samples, HW controlled mapping and so on, I’ve encountered an… unexpected problem.

While using Beat Agent SE Sound Editing functions, for example selecting single samples to change their volumes and pitches, I very often get an error dialog saying “A serious problem has occurred…”, after which GA stops responding and I am forced to kill the whole C12 session.

I have not been able to spot a precise cause/effect relationship, but I can say that every time I start using “advanced” functions I almost surely get, after a while, the error message.
I also noticed that the problem seems to affect specifically the GA plugin, because when I use the Standalone version (with no Cubase involved) the error does not appear; which may obviously be just a coincidence (looking quite… stable, I must say).
Browsing the forums I found other threads regarding similar problems with GA and GA SE.
Have I run into a serious bug that’s waiting to be fixed?

I have the same issue. It gives me that error message when editing samples and when changing presets. Does the problem always occur for you while midi is playing back through groove agent in real time? I’m thinking that may be an essential part of encountering the error.

I would say no. Or rather, actually, “I don’t know”.
I usually don’t edit samples while midi is playing back.
I can say for sure that the plugin crashed many times while I was just using it’s (potentially quite powerful, by the way) editing functions.

Maybe, now that you mention it, sometimes it crashed also while I was browsing presets and listening too a looping midi track (so to immediately evaluate the differences), but the situation which forced me to notice the frequent crashes was definitely the other one.

Yeah, I don’t really know either. I’m just trying to find any info that might hopefully lead the developers (if they are even looking at this issue) to fixing the problem.

I have the same problem, with the same error message. I’m on Win10 Home 64 bit 21H2, Cubase Pro 12.0.52, Groove Agent SE Groove Agent SE 5 is the only active plugin. The problem occurs when editing, I’m not trying to playback via MIDI at the same time.
I submitted several crash dump files in another thread here:
This was when I encountered the ‘freeze on exit’ problem in Cubase Pro 12.0.20. I mention it because I was then told in that thread that Groove Agent SE was causing the instability problem, but I never heard anything further. As I reported in that thread, I also encountered the issue in Cubase Pro 11.