GA SE4, Phase distortion question.


Here’s what I’m hearing.

I created a basic pattern using Acoustic Agent using one of the basic kits. I didn’t alter the kit in any substantial way, no midi effects, no rudiments, no effects added. The kit is not highly processed, I think there’s just a little compression on the snares, but nothing major. It’s the basic Red kit that comes with GA SE4.2

The loop is eight bars in 4/4 at about 115 bpm, it includes some 32nd note rolls, but mostly is 16ths and 8ths.

I selected the loop and dragged it to an empty pattern.

The thing is the two sound very different. When I play the loop with MIDI notes triggering the instruments, it sounds fine, but when I play it back as a “Pattern” there’s phase distortion. I can’t account for why this is. It’s clean when played as MIDI notes, but the exact same pattern, assigned to a Pattern Pad has phase distortion on the Snares. The two are being played one after the other, not at the same time. It sounds as if the Snares are playing two or more samples rather than one and they are out of phase.

What sounds natural and good in the MIDI note version sounds harsh and out of phase in the Pattern Pad Version. I’ll keep working on it, but any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Also, on the Pattern Pad version, I can no longer change the overall velocity of the pattern, and, as an aside, I seem to have discovered that the Style Enhancement features are available ONLY for use the factory presets. This is not really the topic of this post, but the sales videos about Grove Agent SE leave one, or left me, with the impression that you can use your own patterns with the Style Player features. Maybe I’m not getting how that works?

Any thoughts about any of this?

I’d like to use my own Patterns with the Style Player features and automation. Does the full version of Groove Agent do that? Maybe I need to upgrade to that? :question:

Thanks for reading and any thoughts about this. All in all, I really like Groove Agent and want to learn how to use it better.