GA4 and Slate Drums Channels

About 50% of my sessions have a live drummer. When I don’t have a live drummer in a session I will use GA4 or Steven Slate Drums. With either of these two programs I will use their respective mixers and create outputs channels for the various drums, i.e. three mono channels for Kicks, Snares and Room respectively and five or six stereo channels for the Kit mix, Hi Hat, Toms, Oh, Cymbals and Percussion. If I am using GA4, the respective channels show up in the inspector as well as the mixer and I can re-arrange the order of the channels in the Inspector. When I use Slate Drums the respective channels only show in the mixer. This is aggravating as to my knowledge you cannot change the order of the channels in the mixer. I like having Kick, Snare, H Hat, OH, Toms, Cymbals, Percussion and Room in that order feeding to my Drum group channel, the same way I mix live drums and Slate puts the mono channels after the stereo ones at the end, So it is a workflow thing. Any thoughts or solutions?

When using Slate Drums, what happens when you click this button?
Because normally, it should list all outputs, and then you could reorder them if you wanted to.

I don’t have that button that you showed on the track or in the outputs and on your .jpg it is showing the show/hide automation

Doesn’t this work for you when using individual outputs?



Still nothing. I’ve attached three views. I wish one of the mods would weigh in on this, seems they never do

Sorry to pester you, but could you try just one thing? Because my curiosity is killing me!

In your last screen where you have the instrument track: SSD 5 in SOLO. Could you please expand the automation lane?

We should find Hihat., Toms, OH, FX, Output #6, Kick, Snare, Room in there. Those should be moveable, and the console will mirror the moves. The only channel you won’t be able to move is “SSD5” that will always be first.

Well that solved the problem. I thank you so much for your diligence. I have been asking this question for ages and no response. I cant thank you enough. I guess when I use GA4 since it is a Steinberg product it automatically shows up in both the mixer and inspector. Thanks again

No problem, glad to assist!