GA4SE crashing/white noise stuttering instead of samples

This has happened a few times in the last couple of weeks.
I load a kit, hit a pad and boom crash. It lets me save and close normally.

I’ve found a fix for this…
When this happens, after the crash and reboot, load the project again.
Remove the instance of Groove Agent SE that caused the crash.
Load another instance in it’s place. Load the kit and all is fine from then on.
No problems clicking the pads.

Another issue:
The other day I loaded a project with only 2 tracks. 2 instances of Groove Agent SE.
The sound coming from Groove agent was like a white noise stuttering sound.
I’ve had this occasionally with Halion Sonic SE as well.
Haven’t found a fix for this other then closing and reloading the project until it works properly.
Sometimes it takes more then 5 times to get it to play correctly.

What is this? Anyone else have this going on? How do I fix it?
Why would it work one day and not the next? With the same kits?
Then work fine again the next day.
Pretty embarrassing in front of clients.

I use Groove Agent SE pretty much everyday and this happens rarely,
but just enough to shake my confidence in this product.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Rotund,

These issues have not yet been reported and the way you describe the behaviour it sounds like that it could be difficult to reproduce. You don’t get the opportunity to save a crash log since the application does not crash, right?

That is correct, no crash log is generated.