GA5 acoustic agent and quick controls

Hi peeps,

So I’ve just bought the Steinberg CMC quick controls and loving it’s integration with cubase. Not so much with groove agent acoustic agent though.

Attempted to assign faders for kick, snare, hihats, Tom’s, cymbals, perc, room & overheads to quick controls but nothing. Enabled learn on quick controls and moved a fader but nothing.

I then attampted to create a new automation in groove agent by right clicking on a fader in groove agent inand then assigning the automation manually in quick controls but then couldn’t assign a second fader to another automation.

Is this a bug? Is it even possible with acoustic agent? I know that swaping samples isn’t possible in acoustic agent so mayby this is a further limitation?

It would be great to set up quick control presets for acoustic agent…

If anyone has any knowledge of such things it would be greatly appreciated.