GA5 Beat Agent RoundRobin adjust Volume

Hi Musicians,

i sample my guitar each tone three times. Then i drag the three samples for example A3 direct from cubase recording to a pad of GA5. Then i set in GA5 Main Panel Round Robin and in the sample editor the start point and fade in. Sometimes one of the three samples is a little bit to loud, so i look for a way, to make the volume smaller. BUT, the volume affects all three samples, normalize makes the same. My Question, how to adjust the volume only for one of the three samples?

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You can edit the samples independently.
Try this…

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Morning misohoza!

Thank you very much for the quick help! Your hint works very very well, i spend a lot of time, to find this way, also read the manual 2 times, no success. But now i am fine :slight_smile:

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