GA5 Export Mixer to Cubase - Why not Beat Agent?

I got very excited when I saw GA5 had the feature to export the internal mixer to the Cubase mixer. I am not very fond of the mixer inside GA and usually with any other drum instrument I will multi-out to the DAW mixer. This made it very easy to do just that. Now that I upgraded to Absolute 4, I find this function only works for Acoustic Agent! Why is this? Is it coming to Beat Agent in a maintenance update? I produce mostly electronic, so I use Beat Agents the most. I would really like to have this feature for all agents.

In Beat Agent, go to Instrument / Edit Tab, where you see the sample waveform of the pad you select.

In the lower left below the waveform you can route the output of each pad to Beat Agents Main Mix, a Bus or a single Out to Cubase.

I get that there are ways around it, but have you tried this new feature with Acoustic Agent? It’s fantastic! One click and the whole mix in Groove Agent gets rebuilt in the Cubase mixer. I would love to be able to do this with Beat Agents.

Wondering too Omni, but for me - why does each pad have an assignable output from each pad to a bus output, but acoustic agent does not?
If someone says because acoustic was sampled in a particular way, that answer would be insufficient to explain why each pad can’t be assigned it’s own output. From what I can make of it, only the mixer has assignable outputs in Acoustic Agent and it is not possible to assign pads to a mixer channel - it’s all fixed and no bus options except from the GA mixer. Weird.

Just discovered this today and I’m also disappointed. Even for the Acoustic Kit, if you use Aux sends, that’s not gonna export to the mixer. Really hope Steinberg will fully implement this feature in the future.

Something unexpected just happen.
open loop browser (in the main menu of cubase/media)
activate the filter as “midi loop” an search for “read it”

double clic
you get one instance of groove agent se with the “read it” kit and… every kick snare … in the mixconsole -

So I tried to make the same thing in a different way.
new track/groove agent/load kit+pattern/ Read It / and search for the “export to mixconsol”

So I really suspected that in a couple of new “update” it will be possible to access to this function, not only in a simon’s kit

can’t wait/
if it’s real, I’m very frustrated guys