GA5 how can I access into samples from GA content?

How can I access into samples from GA content? I am able load only pads (instruments). Each instrument contain some sample, but how can access only sample from GA content? Is it possible?

Many of the instruments have locked samples. If you require samples from some of those to build a fresh kit of your own you’ll need to resample.

I.E. With Cubase

  1. Make a short MIDI or Instrument track that plays the kit piece you wish to sample at each velocity layer. If you want reverb in your sample be sure to put some space in there to give the sound time to decay.

How dry (bypass all the effects), or ‘wet with effects’ you want the sample should be taken into consideration…tune up GA exactly how you want to sample it.

  1. Do an instant render of your MIDI/Instrument track to a fresh audio track.

  2. Slice and dice the new audio track with the scissors tool in the Cubase Editor. Name the wave track events individually in Cubase if you wish.

  3. Drag your project events onto pads in a fresh initialized kit in an instance GA and tweak accordingly (trim, normalization, etc. At this point the samples will all still live in a single file as part of your project audio pool.

During step 4, only use a fresh initialized instance of GA to begin with. Don’t use any samples in the VSTsound factory content archives (as those might not ‘export’).

  1. Export the kit, including the samples you just made to a location you’d like them to live using GA. This is an important step if you want the sample(s) to live independently on your system, rather than be buried away in the audio pool of a Cubase Project/Song.

Some of the kits do have unlocked samples. I.E. Those in the Beat Agent library.

One can use the GA Browser to see samples installed on your computer, including those in unlocked GA VSTsound files. In my experience, if a kit has the dancing drum set macro in the edit tab, it’s layers are most likely ‘locked’ in a way that you cannot get at/edit the individual samples directly.

Sometimes samples in the VSTsound archives can be ‘exported’, out of the archive, and often they cannot.


If you simply want to mix and match pieces from different kits that have locked layers (can’t edit the pad contents, see samples, etc.), keep in mind you can ‘stack’ up to 4 kits in GA.

It’s easiest to just use the kits independently over different tracks/channels. Just keep the different kit pieces on an individual track, all in the same folder. This way it’s easy to instantly change the channel and stuff at will using the track insert (can even freeze it if desired, then stack project events on the same ‘track’ with output channel set to ANY).

If you really need a single channel merged kit: Set them to the same channel and mute out the pads that should not be playing at all when a given pad/key is triggered. Where pads conflict that you need, you can ‘remap’ the pad(s) in question to use a different trigger note.

Also, Cubase users can take advantage of the drum mapping track insert if one really wants/needs these multi-channel instances to work from a single track.

Many thanks Brian_Roland for your answers.

I should explain my question in more detail in future, but I was looking for samples from electronic / dance (BeatAgent) kits.

I found them, as you describe, under GA Brower inside VSTSoundsFiles. Unfortunately they are managed inside kit folders (kit1 , … kid9). I found it as useless because all those samples are as instruments (for pads), which are all inside one search engine and categorized.