GA5 inconsistent pattern play

Having some weird problems with GA5 / C9.5.

For some GA5 programs (for example Blues Heritage from the Acoustic Agent Vintage Kit), if I drag a pattern pad into the instrument track in C9.5 and hit play in C9.5 the pattern it plays back in C9.5 is not the same pattern it plays when pressing the same pad in GA5, it’s close but it sounds like it is throwing in extra beats here and there. Also I noticed when the pattern is playing in C9.5 that the pad for Fill 3 in GA5 flashes on and off with each beat. I do not have auto-complexity or auto-fill enabled, so this is really baffling.

I’ve also notice it is not consistent for all pads/patterns in a program either. Using the same program, dragging in any of Main 3, 5, 6, 7 have the problem as described above, but Main 9 or 12 playback the pattern exactly the same in C9.5 as it does when playing the same pad in GA5. Also, some programs have this problem and some do not (Ringo’s Sons for example plays the same in C9.5 as in GA5 for any pattern in that program).

Has anyone else seen a problem like this? I tried re-install of GA5, but it did not help.

I see the same thing occasionally. For example I load Straight Eights from Blues Essentials and pattern 1 plays correctly when loaded into Cubase 10.5. Pattern 4 does not. I have not figured it out.

I believe it has something to do with midi ports and channels. There are a couple of other posts about this elsewhere. It just happened to me so I am hitting the manuals!