GA5 no go in Logic Pro X

I get it, it’s a Steinberg product so it’s designed for Cubase. I own Cubase 9.5 but enjoy the performance of Logic on my MBP. Even though they advertise it as AU compatible on any DAW, GA4 never fully worked with Logic and would crash it with more than one instance. I was hopeful with the new version 5 it would have been fixed. Nope. It’s worse, doesn’t even pass validation and even manually activating it in Logics plugin manager doesn’t help. It crashes the AU validation program. How hard is it to test this on other systems before release?!! I’m going to try setting it up in Vienna Ensemble Pro and route into Logic, just a big pain.

Oh, the GUI is horrible. Sorry, but don’t market something as resizable when every UI element stays the same size as GA4. Really a bad release and I feel robbed of my upgrade fee.

I have just bought Groove Agent 5 and it is still the case. It works fine in Cubase 10 but it crashes at validation in Logic Pro X.

They’ll probably say - ask Apple to fix Logic.

Is there a way to use GA to create drum tracks, them import them into Logic?