GA5 "The Kit" not shown in media


GA 5’s new 2 kits “The Kit” and “The Raw” didn’t appear in media / instruments / groove agent (right section of cubase)? Anybpdy with this?
I usually load kits from there, so how can I add them?

I ran into the same thing. I ended up going into the GA5 folder that downloaded and double clicking on one of the .vstsound files. That launched the Steinberg Library Manager and it started installing the kits from there. Maybe there’s a less backwards way to go about it but they definitely didn’t install on their own for me.

Thanks. That didn’t work for me.
I removed the library and installed it from the folder, I still cannot see them in media section.

I asked this in another thread, but is “The Kit” supposed to have “SE” behind the name? I’m not sure if I have the full version or not.