GA5 vs GA5SE

I know the full version has a standalone and the ability to use 4 agents at once. Are there any other differences?

mixer section is more detailed in GA than GA SE (for ac drums for ex) etc…

Hi there, thanks for all this info.

I’m trying to find a comparison chart between these two but there is nothing about it there.

So far the only valid point for me is that with the full version of GA5 you can use it with Pro Tools.

Is any other valid advantages good enough to upgrade it?


from what I can tell

GA full has -

  1. stand alone version
  2. percussion agent
  3. ability to run 4 agents at once in the plugin
  4. Perform tab with note repeat functionality
  5. new 30 EDM presets
  6. additional styles for “The Kit”
  7. AAX version

Thank you for clarification.

most appreciated

With the standalone version I have a complete tool for groove making, with 4 Groove Agents (each with several pads pages) available in one go, and all the mixer functionality and basic sample workflow in reach. I can develop my own complete groove libraries on the fly, witout even opening a DAW. And then I can take the results into Cubase 10, and refine them in musical context there. That enhanced and easy workflow certainly is worth the difference to me.

full version has the capability to auto detect drum hit types in a chopped loop, label drum pads accordingly & you can choose to use one kick in place of all others wityh one click, right click & select pads of same class & batch assign to buses or outputs. Probably the feature that made me purchase it honestly. Makes working with breakbeats or drum loops in general much faster

comparison page now on site