Gain Clipping

Can we get a small icon in the bottom corner of a range - to raise or lower the gain of an audio clip? So much easier than using the audio processes gain.

We already have. Hold your mouse over an audio event and you will see a white dot in the top-middle of the event. Point your mouse to this dot and you can drag the clip gain up/down.

There’s an option in the settings to enable this without selecting the dot, simply using the mouse wheel over the part. That’s how I have it set.

white dot is for the whole audio clip - my OP is about “in the bottom corner of a range”.

Cubase does not do this. See pro tools gain clipping to see what I’m referring to.

The only difference is you want to apply this to a range not a part. The work around would be to bounce the range to a new part. I have the return key set up as bounce.

Select the range tool, select a range, press return, return, right click to reselect the pointer, roll the mouse wheel up or down over the new part.

Make sure “Use Mouse Wheel for Event Volume and Faders” is activated in Editing Audio in the Preferences Menu

Alternatively, you could use pre gain automation.

Adjust the Gain of the track (pre section) with W enabled, during playback, a quick way to bring up the automation track for Gain. Select the range on the Audio track, press the down arrow to place the range on the correct automation track (or simply select the range on the automation track), move the mouse to near top of the automation, an Up/Down arrow will appear. Drag Up or Down, Cubase will automatically apply the 2 points at either side of the range, to which you’ll get all the extra adjustment controls.

Explaining both methods reads more complicated than they actually are doing it. We may get automation overlayed the audio track soon which will change the need to press down after selecting the range, if preferring to select the range over the audio. I thought there was away to have the automation track to display the wave but I can’t seem to find that right now.

Simple way is to just make cuts. This way you will only clip gain the “new” event.

Yes, all you have to do is cut.

I know PT can do a range, but cut has advantages: it’s easier to go back later and make changes when the range has been made permanent into a new event by doing a cut.

The problem I’ve read about with cuts is they can create pops/clicks due to the volume/gain change in the 2 different signals. If gain is adjusted w/o the cuts the DAW makes the appropriate adjustments and no pops or clicks are introduced.

Addmitedly, when I tried cutting, i didn’t get any pope or clicks in Cubase so maybe C knows what the goal is and achieves it by treating it like one signal.

I use cuts all over the place and this has never been an issue. And even if this did occur on occasion, it seems to me it’s better to fix* that single incident rather than abandon an entire technique because it will maybe cause an easily correctable problem.

  • probably the easiest fix would be turn off Snap, grab the boundary between the two clips and drag to a slightly different location.

Or maybe simply have a selection that - the center gain dot in the middle of the range - could be applied only to that range. That would be good too.

This is not exactly correct. Making cuts and changing gain or selecting a range and changing gain will do the same thing, both will abrupt the waveform and may or may not introduce pops/clicks (Probably not in both cases). However by making cuts and if you have enabled autofades in Cubase, there will be no pops/clicks for sure as the events are being cross faded automatically.

Or use volume automation as that will function with a selected range.

the pencil tool also modify gain on audio events, but its very old concept and not that intuitive,protools clip gain automation would be the next evolution of the “pencil tool” and with better implementation.basically its an automation within the audio event,it’s much better flexible and controllable then cut clip gains for gain changes

Hey thanks, I never knew you could do that.

However, it does seem very intuitive to me - draw an automation point and drag it where you want. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

haha… yeah sometimes things are still surprising :sunglasses:
i use the pencil tool here and there, but its not comparable as on protools event gain automation or whatever they call it. it is as convenient to work as a regular automation with range tool etc…the pencil tool is not there yet,you have to make every point and its hard to change and adjust,you cant increase the clip volume’only after you lower it etc…