Gain plugin please

Like in ProTools.

A plugin is much faster to put on the track than digging in the mixer for pre-fade section.

Very simple feature probably very easy to implement too.

Hope to see it in Cubase one day.

Get a free one from the net. There’re many out there, e.g.

You can pull the wave volume down too. That’s pre too if I am right. Gain isn’t something you deal with every other second, so I prefer this way than having a plugin taking up space.

Yes, 3rd party is ok, but I really don’t see a reason why this shouldn’t be a part of Cubase. It’s kind of a very basic tool, sort of like a mute button. Nice to have to throw between plugins that don’t have gain control.

Again, not a big deals, there are other plugins/workarounds etc, but I feel Cubase would be a little bit better with it.

Just out of curiosity, which plugins are you “feeding” that require a boost?

I guess I must be one of many who feels that a mute button is much more important than a gain plugin.

Different strokes for different folks …

You can use the fader, you can use pre gain, you can use any of the free plugins. Why should Steinberg waste time into a plugin that already exists multiple times?
Better get more important features into Cubase