Gain Plugin

One thing I’d like to see is a stock gain plug-in that can be put anywhere on the inserts.

The pre-gain is a given but I think it would be so helpful and time-saviing have a gain plug-in for the inserts.

A lot of plug-ins, especially emulations, have a sweet spot. So you might have to increase the gain before hitting the target plug-in, and then reduce it again by the same amount. But not all plug-ins have an input / output control.

I use a 3rd party one when I need this but having stock ones (mono, stereo etc) in Cubase would be great!

Out of curiosity, which one are you using? I use the free Sleepy Time Records Mono/Stereochannel. Unfortunately they are not developed any further, so once they dont work anymore, I’ll need to replace them…

Check out Blue Cat’s Gain Suite for instance.
It’s free.

I use the built-in MixerDelay for this. However +6dB max…

Studio EQ is suitable, +/- 24 dB.

For me, I doubt that anything would replace MeldaProduction MUtility. It does gain, but so very much more useful things - and it’s free.

I’m using the HoRNet VU Meter MK4 for gain staging. Very cheap and VST3 compatible, and does the automatic gain to an specific value.

I use the Blue Cat ones. Handy there are mono and stereo versions.

I think it’s about time Cubase had it’s own gain plugins.

Guys it’s there already. Go to the Track Strip, click on Limit and set your extra gain.
Actually it’s a limiter so it will conveniently not make the sound crack if you add too much gain.


You missed the point. We are talking about plugins which could be put in every needed insert slot. Before or/and after compression/Eq/fx/whatever. The track strip cannot do that. Also this is a limiter as you said, we are talking about a simple gain plugin.

Please a new MultiScope vst too
usefull plug in but very old GUI

thankx you all :sunglasses:

Please a new MultiScope vst too
usefull plug in but very old GUI

thankx :sunglasses: