Gain range of UR22?

Can anyone see a figure for the gain range of the UR22? I cant find one anywhere.

I have the same question for the UR44. If you find out please post back.

Isn’t it in the manual? It is for the UR824.


I didn’t see it in the 22 manual, here’s what it says in the 824 manual with respect to the gain knob adjustment:

PAD Range
On -34 dB – +10 dB
Off -60 dB – -16 dB

It has the same numbers on the 824’s block diagram also. It’s the same preamp so it’s probably the same on the 22 and 44.


Yeah, I read the D-Preamps are the same for all members of the UR-series, only the UR22 & UR44 don’t have a PAD switch. Here’s a comparisson chart:
The total system gain for the 824 (from mic in to line out) is 84db though but I’m not 100% convinced it’s the same for the UR22 & Ur44 (especially since I -and others as seen in threads on this forum- have issues with input gain).

Also I wonder (and I’ve been waiting for over a month now for a ticket response from Steinberg) how these numbers relate to the dspMixfx option for adding +6db gain, both per track and master.

Would you happen to know how this software gain correlates to the physical gain knob?

No, I’m no help there. I don’t even understand the gain on the physical knobs. I have to set the large output knob on the 824 at the 1 oclock position to get unity gain, measured from a downstream mixer with the UR824’s output coming from a sine generated in Cubase.