Galileo 2 with only one Instance

Hello to all,

is it possible to use one Galileo Organ for 3 Midi channel ?
Galileo can use three Midi channel.
Can Cubasis use 3 tracks to the same AUv3 Unit ?

…or drum tracks.
Can i use 10 Tracks to the same instrument ?
BD, SD, HH… tracks to one of Steinberg Drum Machines.

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Hi Ronny,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis’ own drum instruments such as our Classic Machines in-app purchase, or the included drum kits are designed to require near to no CPU.
Here is a user case example how to work with the Classic Machines: Create a drum track using a single Classic Machines drum kit. Once done, and to split individual instruments to individual outputs: Create exact copies of your track via the duplicate button. Delete unwanted events in the MIDI Editor…

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with Galileo Organ.
Please get in touch with them regarding the question. I’m glad to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes.

In general, while it is possible and Cubasis allows several MIDI output routings for multi-timbral apps (such as SampleTank or similar), we think it is more practical and easier to use single instances of an app. Especially if you plan to create mixdowns of individual tracks via track freeze.

Hope that helps.


Hi Lars,

thank you very much for your answer.


Hi Roland,

You’re welcome…
Please note that I’ve shared your Galileo question with Jessie from Yonac.