Galley scrolling bug

I’ve noticed a bug sevberal times today where after entering a large amount of music (say, 200 bars or so), the galley view will refuse to scroll farther (scrollbar is at end, clicking does nothing, etc), despire there being lots of more empty bars following.

This can be fixed by switching to page and then back to galley.

It happened again just now and I thought to screenshot it this time…


AFter page/galley swap

Can now scroll to end

Yes, sorry about this. We’re using a heuristic to try to avoid unnecessary movements in galley view, but it’s a bit too aggressive and as a result it’s not being notified of all changes to the geometry of the page. We should have a fix for this in the first maintenance update, coming pretty soon.


Daniel, I’m experiencing this bug in Dorico Pro 4.0.31. I know it was fixed at some point but it appears to have come back.

Please provide a project that reproduces the problem and the steps to reproduce it, and we’ll take another look.

The project that I emailed to you for the other problem exhibits this behaviour. If you position the score so that the last 10 bars or so are off the end of the window, with the zoom level at about 265%, and start entering notes, the window fails to scroll as the entered notes go out of view on the right side of the window. It doesn’t happen consistently, but when it does happen the only way to see the out-of-view notes is to zoom out, since the window won’t scroll any further to the right.

Hello, I’m also experiencing this. I don’t think the file itself will show it, but can tell you the steps. I can reproduce this every time.

  1. Notes entered normally:

  2. Go back and add something to space notes more (lyrics, shorter notes in a different voice or staff) to the point where the end goes off the screen to the right:

Entering new notes (insert or regular) does not correct it.

The workarounds right now are “away and back” moves, like:
-zoom out and back in
-go to Page View and back to Galley View
-go to Setup and back to Write
-resize the window and set it back
-close and reopen