Sometimes I can’t reach the last bar in galley view

This is just a little buglet, I noticed when using Galley view in Version 4:
I try to scroll to the last bar, but the display stops a few bars before the end - and I can’t get further to the right. Solution: if I Zoom out and then Zoom back in, I will be able to get to the end.
This only happens sometimes.
I noticed this behaviour also when inputting lyrics: suddenly my input went out of site and disappeared to the right… same remedy: Zoom out and Zoom in again.

Yes, we know about this.

I guess, you must be working like maniacs - while the rest of us is still in hibernation mode…

I have encountered this problem just now, which I guess means that it is still in the process of being fixed.

Are you also working on an option so that when input gets to the end of a screen, the scrolling will still leave some of the previous notes in view? At present, after the scrolling I cannot see the note that I jsut wrote.



You should find that this problem is fixed in the Dorico 4.0.10 update that was released last week.

That is what I had hoped, but it was not so this evening on either effect.


Well, that’s a pity. You’re definitely running 4.0.10?

Yes: according to the About Dorico page: (Jan 28 2022). Windows version.


This also happened to me running 4.0.10 the other day, with the only workaround being zooming out and in.

I can fix my first problem by going to page view and back again.


Yes quite a few reports of it still happening on 4.0.10 and it’s happening to me too

Can confirm.

Still happening. v (Jun 21 2022). MacBook Pro M1, OS 11.2

Aforementioned fix works though (zoom in/out)

You should probably update to Dorico 4.2 now that it’s available, though there’s no specific change in this area in version 4.2.