Galley view and overlapping symbols

Hey folks,

Just a minor niggle - when putting in dynamics in galley view, and also sometimes lyrics, I notice things overlap. In page view and engrave mode the conflict is not there and everything is spaced beautifully, but it can be a pain when inputting notes. (see attached)

It might be useful to have the option to move the staves apart at will in galley view, as it doesn’t affect anything else?


In case you’re not aware:
Layout options (cmd+shift+l) → Vertical spacing → ‘In galley view, expand ideal staff gaps to:’

I agree that some degree of automatic spacing in galley view would be useful.

We can’t practically do automatic staff separation in galley view for performance reasons, but I agree that in the fullness of time we should at least make it possible to adjust the staff spacing in that view.